003. everyone, everybody, someone, somebody, anybody, anyone?

Topic No. 3. Initiated by Deepinder
“Difference between words like –  everyone, everybody, someone, somebody, anybody, anyone”


Summary from Venkat:

I have looked up some sources. If we take up someone, somebody / anyone, anybody from your message, here is the main difference…

Anyone and anybody are used in questions.

Someone and somebody are used in statements.
Everyone, everybody, someone, somebody, anyone and anybody – all refer to a singular pronoun. Since subject and verb must always match in number, care must be taken to use correctly. Example:

This is wrong
Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

This is right
Everybody is entitled to his opinion.


Everybody is entitled to her opinion.


Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion.

However, in informal / casual settings , the above rule is exempted.