002. Should We Use The Word Revert?

Topic No. 2. Initiated by Aruna

“We usually use word “revert” in place of response in our communications. Is this correct?



Revert meant coming back to a previous state or condition.another meaning reply back after checking smthing or come bk to u/Revert is much used in india for ‘ reply’ more than western countries


Revert originally meant to turn / roll back to earlier state / position. The usage of revert has become common in communications. We can look at it as returning mail or letter back to the sender (of course with some expected inputs) Usage is prevalent enough to not worry so much about the correctness. After all that is how words have evolved over time.

However one can avoid adding back to the word revert. Revert by itself is enough.

Author: Venkat

Personal Interests: Writing, Poetry, Teaching English, Teaching Creativity, Vedas, Sanskrit, Drawing, Shading, Guitar, Learning languages and new things , Career: I work in the corporate world in IT as a professional.

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